Do Cats Come Back Home if They Are Lost? Tips to Find a Lost Cat

Do Cats Come Back Home if They Are Lost Tips to Find a Lost Cat

Many people consider their pet to be a family member, and it will break your heart when you come to know that your cat is missing. This is a very stressful time, but try not to panic and think positively. Just take a deep breath and find the best way to get back your beloved cat. There are so many cats that go missing but their owners cannot be found. People don’t have any idea where and how to find their lost cat. Finding a missing cat is not an impossible task, but it is challenging and tougher because cats love to roam around and hide.

Finding a lost cat requires proper searching in and outside the home. In this blog, you will learn the best tips to find a lost cat and reunite with them once again.

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Is My Cat Lost?

Is My Cat Lost?

When you don’t find your cat for a long time, the first question that comes into your mind is “is my cat lost”? Cats are independent and love to roam around here and there. And also, all cats are not house cats. Some cats will wander if they find their food elsewhere.

Cat’s normal behavior is to pop in and out throughout the day. But if they do not return home by dinner time, then you should be worried and it might be possible that your cat is missing. Don’t panic. Just wait for a few hours and make a plan to find your furry friend.

What Are the Reasons Your Cats Run Away from Home for Hours?

What Are the Reasons Your Cats Run Away from Home for Hours?

Sometimes, cats are missing from their homes for a few hours or for a few days. What are some of the reasons why your cats run away for a few hours?

1. Reproductive Instinct

Cats’ reproductive instincts are powerful, and in heat, they become more vigilant. They try to mate with other cats in their area first, and if they don’t find one, they travel far away to find their mate. Their mating instincts can lead your cat to go missing for days.

2. If Your Cat is Giving Birth

If your cat fulfills its mating instinct, then it might be possible that your cat is pregnant. And pregnant cats try to find a safe place to hide. They try to seek out a private, secure, and safe location in order to bring their kittens into this world.

3. Hunting Nature

Sometimes, cats run away from home because of their hunting behavior. Generally, cats rely on hunting to feed themselves. If your cat has enough to eat but they enjoy hunting, they will flee from home.

4. Territory

A cat’s territory is basically the space where they spend most of their time, like in your home, backyard, etc. The cats find new places in order to expand their territory. They also defend their territory against other cats.

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Six Ways to Find Your Lost Cat:

Six Ways to Find Your Lost Cat:

1. Search in Your Home

If you feel that your cat is lost, then you should immediately check your home and surrounding areas. You might be thinking that your cat is outside your home, but they might be hiding in your house.

You should check under beds, behind closed doors, cabinets, basements, sheds, garages, under cars, chimneys, behind washing machines, refrigerators, etc. After searching, you should bring your cat’s favorite food to the coax so that they come out.

2. Ask Your Neighbors About Your Cat

If your cat is not in your home, then you should go to your neighborhood place. And ask them if they have seen your cat. If they have not seen your cat, then you should leave your contact information and tell them to contact you if they find your cat.

You should call your cat’s name loudly and just shake your cat’s favorite treat bag loudly. Some cats come out when they hear their treat bag shaking.

3. Call the Microchip Company

If your cat is microchipped, then you should call the microchip company and tell them your cat is missing. You should make sure that your contact information is up-to-date.

If you cannot find your cat’s microchip information, then just contact your veterinarian’s office, as they might have the number on their file. These microchip companies can help you find your pet.

4. Make a Lost Cat Poster

To find your lost cat, you should create a lost catsocial poster. In the poster, add your contact information. The poster should have bright colors, and bold and easy-to-read fonts, and you should add a clear photo of your cat. Also, mention the reward for the person who finds your cat. You should place the poster in a busy area so that more people see it.

5. Call Local Shelters

If you are using the internet and the latest apps to find your lost cat, then you should also use old techniques for finding your cat. You should call your local shelters, veterinary offices, police stations, animal control and humane societies and inform them about your missing cat.

6. Use Social Media to Find Your Cat

You should use social media platforms to find your missing cat. There are many websites and apps available that quickly spread information about reuniting lost pets with their owners.

On these platforms, you can share your pet’s clear recent photo, health status, behavior, date, and area when your cat is lost, and you can offer some reward for that person who finds your pet. You should share this information with local rescue organizations, local shelters, veterinary hospitals, and on your social media accounts.


Untitled design – Conclusion

When the cat owner loses their cat, this is a very horrible situation. But it is advised that you should not panic and stay calm, as this will help you to find your lost cat more easily.

We hope these tips will help you find your lost cat. If your cat returns home, then update your social media postings and take down the posters placed in the public area.

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