What are the Reasons for Drooling in Cats?

Drooling in Cats

Generally, if your cat is drooling, it is considered normal and there is nothing to worry about.

Drool is basically saliva or fluid which is produced by the salivary glands in the mouth.

Saliva is known as drool when it is produced in large amounts and flows out of the mouth.

Cats sometimes drool when they are feeling comfortable, relaxed, or happy.

Hence, it is very important for the cat owner to first analyze whether their cat is drooling normally or excessively.

If your cat is drooling excessively, then it is a sign of stress, or oral and gum disease.

It is advised that you should keenly notice your cat’s behavior and drooling, and if you find there is more excessive drooling than normal, then immediately consult with the veterinarian. In this blog, you will learn the reasons for drooling in cats.

Why Do Cats Drool?

Why Do Cats Drool?

Normally, cats drool when their owner holds them, pets them, or cuddles them. This means that the cat is relaxed and enjoying its owner’s company.

Cats are very affectionate, and they sometimes show their affection and happiness by drooling. They also drool when they are sleeping.

This is all normal behavior, and there is nothing to be concerned about. Keep in mind that every cat is different.

Drooling in cats is caused for different reasons; some are harmless, and some need urgent medical treatment.

Drooling is a sign for the cat’s owners to identify that their cat is not comfortable. But if you find sudden changes in your cat’s behavior and excessive drooling, then you should always make an appointment with your vet.

When Drool is Abnormal in Cats?

When Drool is Abnormal in Cats?

If the pet owner finds that the cat is constantly drooling, then this is a signal that there is a problem with the cat.

Remember, cats do not drool like dogs, but if you find your cat is drooling more than normal, then this may be a sign of a medical issue.

Below are some of the signs that indicate that your cat’s drooling is abnormal.
  1. If the cat is suffering from some dental condition or if there is irritation in its mouth,
  2. If you find your cat has brown and yellow teeth and their gums are red or swollen,
  3. If your cat is suffering from foul breath, oral issues, or bad breath, then this is a signal of a respiratory issue.
  4. Stress and fear are also the reasons your cat drools abnormally.
  5. Sometimes, if a piece of toy gets stuck in their teeth or throat, it will also drool.

When is it normal for cats to drool?

Below are some of the normal conditions when your cat is drooling.

  1. If drooling occurs when your cat is kneading or purring.
  2. Cats also drool at the sight of food, as they get excited about food. Hence, you should not worry about it.
  3. If your cat eats something that has a bad taste.

Reasons Your Cat Is Drooling

Reasons Your Cat Is Drooling
1. Oral or dental disease:

If there is a dental or oral disease in a cat, then it will cause excessive drooling. Your cat will experience pain while eating food in this situation.

Some of the oral problems that could be the reason for cat drooling are ulcers, which are caused by upper respiratory infections, tooth trauma, gum or dental disease, oral cancer, etc.

If your cat has dental issues, then there will be bad breath and damaged teeth. All of these issues will cause irritation in the cat’s mouth, resulting in excessive drooling.

2. Toxic Ingestion

If your cat has accidentally eaten a toxic substance present in and around your home, then this can lead to excessive drooling.

These toxic substances include cleaners, medicine for humans or other animals, and toxic plants. In this situation, immediately visit the vet because the poison can be dangerous for your cat’s health.

3. Nausea

Nausea in cats increases the production of saliva, which results in excessive drooling in cats.

If your cat is suffering from liver disease, kidney disease, gut inflammation, cancer, etc., then this will result in nausea in cats.

Other reasons for nausea in cats are motion sickness, blockage in the gastrointestinal tract, and poor appetite.

In this situation, there is drooling in cats and food avoidance. Hence, you should immediately visit the vet for your cat’s treatment.

4. Foreign Object

Sometimes, if a foreign object gets stuck in your cat’s mouth, such as string, pieces of toys, needles, blades of grass, or any small item that is dropped in or around your home, your cat will start drooling.

It is advised to not try to remove that object from your cat’s mouth by yourself; instead, take your cat to the vet immediately.

5. Happy and relaxed

Some cats drool when they are happy or relaxed. If the cat is enjoying the company of their owners, like you are holding them, cuddling them, or petting them, then they sometimes drool.

Some cats drool when they are kneading. So there is nothing to worry about. You just monitor your cat’s behavior and see that the drooling should occur when they are content.

How can you prevent your cat from drooling?

How can you prevent your Cat is drooling

It is very difficult for you to prevent your cat from drooling. But, the owner can keep the cat’s mouth healthy by brushing the teeth regularly, which will keep their teeth and gums healthy and also help prevent dental disease.

You should schedule a dental cleaning for your cat by the vet. For the proper wellness of your cat, you should have a consistent veterinary visit.


Drooling in cats is normal, but if your cat is drooling in excess, then it is a sign of a problem in your cat. So, you should keenly observe your cat’s behavior and drooling.

And if there is excessive drooling in cats, then immediately visit the vet for their proper health. Diagnosis and proper treatment can cure your cat’s illness.

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