About Us

About Us

Paws Earth is a website which gives information related to pets, especially dogs and cats. Our main objective is to give you all the necessary details about your pet’s behaviour, habits, and body language that you sometimes cannot understand as a pet parent. We want you and your best companion to live better lives together.

Pets are considered the best companions because they provide their owners with both emotional and physical benefits. Walking with your pet can provide you with fresh air, exercise, and great social interaction. Living with pets removes the feeling of loneliness and depression, gives you an active lifestyle and enhances cognitive development in children, etc.

However, there are very rare chances that animals spread germs to people. But, sometimes pets carry harmful germs that can make people ill. And the germs from pets can cause minor to severe diseases in humans.

The best way through which you can protect yourself from your pet’s germs is by washing your hands on a regular basis after you handle them. Thoroughly clean up the area where your dog or cat lives. This will make the environment fresh and also reduce the risk of spreading diseases.

We want you and your pet to be happy, healthy, and safe. Hence, we provide all the information and tips that will keep your pet healthy all the time. We advise you to ask the veterinarian about your pet’s food, exercise, and environment, which will keep him healthy and safe. If your pet is healthy, then it will keep you and your family healthy.

Our Mission

Paws Earth’s mission is to provide you with the proper information about your pet’s health, behaviour, and habits. Each part of your pet’s body sends you a signal that you may or may not understand. Our information will help you understand your pet better. Our motive is to give your pet a better life, which they deserve.