Mysterious Facts About The Chausie Cat Breed

Chausie Cat Breed

The Chausie cat was recognized by the International Cat Association (TICA) in 1995 as a domestic breed.

Chausie cats are a controversial breed because they were developed by crossing jungle cats. So, later they are categorized as a non-domestic hybrid breed.

Chausies are an Asian species of wild cat that look wild in appearance, but they are fully fertile and domestic in temperament.

They are hybrids of jungle cats and domestic cats, born in Egypt several thousand years ago. In this blog, you will read all the mysterious facts about the Chausie Cat Breed.

The History of the Chausie Cat:

The Chausie is a hybrid feline breed, developed from breeding between domestic cats and wild cats.

These jungle cats are found in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and a small area of North Africa. These wild Asian cats live by the rivers and lakes.

In ancient Egyptian times, people domesticated these jungle cats as pets. They were adored so much that people mummified them with their owners.

People started experimenting with breeding these jungle cats as pets in the late 1960s and 1970s.

Chausie is pronounced chow-see and it is derived from the Latin name Felis chaus (Jungle Cat).

These cats are known for their laidback demeanor and hunting ability. Chausie’s first hybrid breeding was in 1990, and the breeders received the registration status from TICA in 1995.

They were crowned the championship breed by the International Cat Association (TICA) in 2013. They are now being bred in both Europe and North America.

Chausie Cat Characteristics:

Chausie cats have fully domestic temperaments. Their TICA registration certificates show that they are the fourth generation and beyond of the jungle cat.

The Chausie cat breed is similar to Abyssinian cats because of the coat resemblance.

It is considered to be the 12th largest cat breed in the world. They have a good nature and are fearless but not aggressive.

Chausie Cat’s Appearance:

Chausie Cat's Appearance:
The strong body of Chausie has long legs and a long thin tail. They have oval eyes and their ears are broad, tall, and set high on the head.

It is available in three colors: solid black, black ticked tabby, and black grizzled tabby. Their energy level and intelligence are very high.

  1. Weight ranges from 11 to 16 pounds depending on gender.
  2. Elegant, large, lean, athletic physique
  3. 15-year life expectancy
  4. Temperament: assertive, loyal, affectionate, and outgoing.
  5. Height ranges from 14 to 18 inches.

The Character of Chausie Cat:

The Character of Chausie Cat:
Chausie cats descend directly from wild cats, so they have an active and restless nature. That is why these cats need proper play and exercise time.

It is recommended that you not keep them in closed or small spaces. Sometimes, they become stubborn. That is why it is harder to educate them.

They are very affectionate and faithful cats. But, they are not best suited for families who have small children because of their wild nature, which comes out when they play games.

Chausie Cat Care

Chausie Cat Care
1. Nutrition

The Chausie cat breed requires a high-quality balanced meat diet, as they are incapable of digesting plant matter. So, it is very important that you avoid giving foods that have vegetables or grains, as this can lead to digestive issues.

2. Grooming

The Chausie cat has a short coarse coat, which you can easily care for and requires little attention.

Weekly brushing with a soft slicker brush, as it reduces shedding. Give them an occasional bath and trim their nails every two weeks.

In a week, you must look inside the cat’s ears to check if there is any redness or excessive debris.

If you find any kind of redness, then just schedule an appointment with the veterinarian. If the ears are slightly dirty, just clean them with a pet-safe ear cleaner and a cotton ball.

3. Exercise

Chausie cat breeds need vigorous and enriching activities because they will become restless if they are not properly stimulated both physically and mentally.

This will create issues in their bodies, like anxiety or depression. They engage themselves in exercise and love to play with toys.

These cats have high energy levels, so they need enough space to run around. They enjoy running, climbing, and jumping.

4. Health

Normally, Chausie cats are healthy and strong. It is recommended that their diet should consist of animal products only.

To keep them healthy, they require proper vaccinations and scheduled veterinary check-ups.

The Behavior of Chausie Cats:

The Behavior of Breed
Chausies Cats are intelligent, active, athletic, and outgoing breeds.

As kittens, they make themselves very busy, but when they become adults, they are quieter, but they still want playful activities.

These cats do not want to be alone, and they want the company of other cats or humans. They are loyal and friendly in nature.

They have a slightly shorter intestinal tract as compared to domestic cats. That is why they cannot digest ingredients that come from plants.

Is Chausie the cat right for you?

Is the cat right for you?
Before you buy a Chausie, you must do some research about this cat. Make sure you can satisfy its natural urges for freedom and exercise.

Can you provide them with proper opportunities to play and also a fellow cat as their playmate? Do you have proper time to play with the Chausie, as this breed loves to interact with its family? You must have a big house because they need enough space to roam around.

Can you train this cat, as they sometimes become restless? They require your presence all the time, you cannot leave them alone.

They are very loyal and affectionate but if you have small children in your house then it is not suited for your family as they become wild while playing.

Most importantly, this cat requires a special diet that should consist of meat. Wheat and other grain product affect their digestive system.

 In conclusion, before purchasing a Chausie cat, you must ask yourself these questions. If you can keep this cat in an appropriate manner, then you will be rewarded with a loyal and affectionate companion.  

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