A Suitable Guide On How To Train Your Pitbull Puppy Not To Bite?

A Suitable Guide On How To Train Your Pitbull Puppy Not To Bite

Puppies are most adorable and playful. They are always eager to explore new things constantly and during the teething phase, they start to bite or nip at anything that comes their way. They are mouthy and as they grow, their bite may become dangerous. In this blog, we inform you about how to train your pitbull puppy not to bite.

Pitbull puppies are highly active and energetic and always love to play and use their mouth as a symbol of playfulness. But beware! These puppies have stronger jaws and teeth and if they nip when young may not be that harmful. But it may become serious when the adult Pitbull pooch bites you even playfully.

Due to this fact only it is essential to stop his biting behavior since puppyhood. Train your Pitbull puppy not to bite from a younger age itself.

To curb this behavior of biting, you need to train him in good manners by using positive training methods.

The following guide will explain to you and help you to overcome the Pitbull puppy biting problems.

First, let us see why a Pitbull puppy bites and what are the reasons for its biting, and how to stop him from biting.

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Why Pitbull Puppies Bite? What’s Normal And What Is Not?

Why Pitbull Puppies Bite? What’s Normal And What Is Not?

Many Pitbull puppies show that they are afraid of strangers and are sometimes aggressive in their behavior.

As they can’t express their feelings through words, their little bark indicates that they are scared and tries to let you know to stay away from them.

Even after barking, if the distance is not maintained, the bark may change into a big growl, showing their little but sharp puppy teeth. If you try to make them more upset, then the growl will convert into a possible bite!

Most of the time, Pitbull bites you with a little nip when scared and it may not be a serious cut. But, if you upset an adult Pitbull, then the bite may be more painful, particularly for small kids.

It is obvious that during the teething phase, you will be noticing that your Pitbull puppy starts to bite each and everything on his way. They explore their surroundings through nips and chew everything to soothe their jaws and gums.

He even bites you enthusiastically when you are playing with him. It may also be the case of showing dominance over you. Yes, you heard it right. These cute little bundles of joy will consider themselves the leader of the pack and they think that they are in charge of the whole family.

But, you need to Train Your Pitbull Puppy Not To Bite sooner, or else it may become trouble once he grows up and thinks that biting is acceptable, which is not good.

Adult Pitbull Biting May Be A Bit Dangerous

Adult Pitbull Biting May Be A Bit Dangerous

As mentioned earlier, if a Pitbull pup nips you, then it may not cause you less or any harm. But when an adult Pitbull bites you, it will be injurious.

You need to train him to stop nipping which will be a bit tedious as he grows. If he barks at you or bites you without any reason, then surely it may be a sign of any illness or injury.

Try to curb his biting habits seriously when he is young only. There are several methods to solve this problem. Below mentioned are a few of them.

How To Train Your Pitbull Puppy Not To Bite?

How To Train Your Pitbull Puppy Not To Bite?

Pitbulls are the most active, playful, and enthusiastic pooches among all the dogs and want to dominate you.

They bite on all kinds of stuff as young pups. But once they grow up it becomes difficult for the owners to handle if they continue biting habits. 

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Below Are Certain Measures That Will Keep Your Pitbull Pup from Biting.

Tip #1, Scream Like A Pup

Scream Like A Pup

While playing with other pups, they make a tiny squealing sound when bitten by another pup. By hearing this noise, the pup that bit will try to stay away.

Even you too can imitate this trick to control your dog from biting!!

Make a high squealing sound when he tries to bite you or nip you, and also try to use the firm command like “no” or “don’t” or “stop”.

It makes your pup think that you might be hurt by its bite. Many trainers use this trick to prevent their biting habit.

Tip#2, Don’t Punish Your Pup If He Bites

Don’t Punish Your Pup If He Bites

Dogs hardly understand physical punishment and it makes them scared and may lead to more biting out of fear.

Tip#3, Stop Reacting To Your Pup When He Bites

Stop Reacting To Your Pup When He Bites

Try to ignore your pup for a few moments, if he bites you. Try to turn your back. Your pup tries to seek reassurance and comfort.

Don’t react back to him. If you react, he thinks it will be fun play, and as they want more play, will start biting you back again.

Tip#4, Use Chew Toys Rather Than Your Hands

Use Chew Toys Rather Than Your Hands

It will be fun to use your hands to play with your pup when he is young. He may just nip you here and there which won’t hurt you.

But it leads him to think that it will be fair enough to play with your hands. You are training him to think that your hands can be used as a means of playing.

Offer him chewable toys instead. Give him a suitable toy for chewing so that he can divert his attention towards the toy and not your hands.

Tip#5, Train Your Pup Not To Bite Over Food

Train Your Pup Not To Bite Over Food

Puppies are usually overprotective about their food and if someone tries to snatch the bowl when the food is there inside their bowl, they may start biting you.

If your pup shows this food aggression, then you need to train him that you are in charge and you can pick up the bowl and put it back at any time, without any aggression from him.

The best way is to put a bowl in front of him and quickly remove it, and if he doesn’t show any aggression then reward him with a treat and you can even praise him.

If he growls and bites you, then command them with a strict “no” and keep hold of the bowl.

Repeat it until you get the desired result and finally your pup will let you dominate as their owner who can control the food and will stop biting you over the food.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Pups may playfully bite you when they are young, but it should not have to develop as a habit once they grow up. Pitbull pups are adorable but aggressive.

These are a tiny bundle of joys but bite you a lot even playfully. Nipping by a young pup is not harmful but the biting of an adult dog can be very dangerous. So, you need to stop this biting behavior of your pup at a young age only.

Use some positive and negative commands to stop your Pitbull pup from biting. Praise him for his good behavior and criticize him for bad.

Be consistent in training your pup not to bite. You need to train him that biting is not a good habit. 

What are your takeaways from the article? Have you come across any Pitbull puppies and have you ever been bitten by one? Share your story with us.

Give your opinions on this article and if you have a Pitbull puppy who bites a lot, you can use the above-mentioned measures.

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