How to Train Your Dog? Simple Dog Training Tips and Commands

How to Train Your Dog Simple Dog Training Tips and Commands

Every dog owner considers their dog to be their best companion, and this bond will grow stronger if your dog understands every command you give. When you own a new dog, they need some training. If your dog is trained, then it will stay safe and behave properly. Most dog breeds are intelligent, so they love to learn new techniques.

Dog training is very necessary for your dog, as it helps in socializing your dog, teaches discipline, and removes the fear of meeting new people.

Giving training to your dog is not an easy job. You have to be patient while giving training because sometimes they will not understand everything that you teach them.

You should first teach your puppy the basic commands like sit, walk, come, lie down, and heel. If your puppy understands the basic sets of commands, then it will be easier for you to handle them. In this blog, you will learn the best ways to train your dog.

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Tips to Train Your Dog

  1. When you are training your dog, you should be patient. Because it takes time to change the behavior of your dog and make your dog understand your language.
  2. You should always keep a positive attitude while training your dog and not blame your dog.
  3. Always keep the training session short. You should do the training for about 15 minutes every day.
  4. Most importantly, you should be consistent when you train your dog. Always use the same hand signals and words when you train your dog.
  5. Teach your dog in a variety of settings, such as parks or beaches, to instill confidence in your dog in any situation.
  6. It is very important that you train your dog at the right time when they are ready to listen.
  7. You should reward your dog with praise and treats for the success of the training. This will make the training session more interesting.
  8. Give training in a calm place so that there is no distraction when you are teaching your dog.
  9. When you bring a new dog to your house, you should select its name wisely and use it consistently so that your pup starts responding to it.

Teach Your Dog Basic Commands

1. Sit

Sit - Train Your Dog

It is very essential to teach your puppy how to sit or lay down. This command “sit” will stop your puppy from jumping on visitors and your dog will eat the meal in a respectful manner.

To teach this command, you should stand in front of your dog and hold some treats in your hand. Then, move the treat to your dog’s nose and then over his head.

When they follow the treat, then their bottom will automatically touch the floor. You should praise and reward them when they sit on the floor.

2. Stay


Teach your dog how to stay in a particular position, as this will keep your dog safe until you come back to them.

If your dog learns this command properly, then it will not run behind you or run in the street if they get loose.

When you are teaching this command, you should be patient as your dog will take time to understand this command. But you should practice this command regularly, as it will keep your dog safe from all kinds of danger.

3. Lie Down

Lie Down - Train Your Dog

When you have taught them how to sit, then you should teach them how to lie down. This command will help when you want them to be calm and relaxed. With this command, they will settle down on the floor.

If your dog is sitting on the floor, then hold the treat in your hand and move the treat from the dog’s nose towards the floor.

When your pet follows the treat in a lying down position, then praise or reward them with their tasty treat.

4. Come


Teaching this command is really helpful if you are taking your dog to a park. Your dog must know when you call them they have to come. You should use the “come” command along with their name.

You can teach this command by just sitting on the floor on your knees and opening your arms and calling your pet’s name.

If they come when you call them, then reward them with their tasty treat. Pet owners should practice this command on a regular basis and just keep the session short.

5. Leave


Learning a “leave” command is very helpful for your dog. This command will protect your dog if they are moving towards something dangerous.

To teach the “leave it” command to your dog, you should hold one tasty treat in one hand and a boring treat in the other hand.

Then let your dog sniff the item and just wait for them to move away from it. When your dog does a boring thing, reward it with a treat.

6. Not

Not - Train Your Dog

Normally, dog owners teach their pets both “No” and “Leave It” commands. When you want to stop your dog from doing something, then use the No command.

And use the “Leave it” command when you do not want your dog to investigate any item or situation. The “No” command is short and simple, which your dog can also easily understand.

Conclusion of Train Your Dog

Conclusion of Train Your Dog

If you want to keep a pet in your house, then you first learn the tips to train your dog, as it will help you both make a strong bond or relationship.

These tips and commands will help you train your dog easily. Most importantly, you should train them slowly and keep your training period short.

Another method is that you can also take your puppy to training classes to train them perfectly.

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