Boston Terrier Vs French Bulldog- Who Will Go with Your Personality?

Boston Terrier Vs French Bulldog- Who Will Go with Your Personality
InformationBoston TerrierFrench Bulldog
SIZE27cm to 30cm37cm to 42cm
WEIGHT7 to 12kg4kg to 11kg
TEMPERAMENTHappy, jovial, and engagingDevoted, sociable, resilient
COLORSWhite, Brindle, Seal, BlackBrindle, Cream, Fawn, White
HEALTH PROBLEMSHeart Murmurs, Deafness, CataractsVon Willebrand’s Disease, Hip Dysplasia, 
  • Do you think a Boston terrier Vs a French bulldog, is the same dog? If you have, you are not alone; these two breeds share many qualities and have similar appearances. However, there are some significant distinctions between Bostonians and Frenchies, which we will describe today.

    Small dog breeds like the Boston terrier and the French bulldog are quite popular as pets all over the world. These dogs are a lot of fun and aren’t aggressive toward strangers. Because of their pleasant demeanor, they are frequently used as companions.

    The fundamental distinction between the Boston terrier and the French bulldog is that the former has a huge square-shaped head with bat-like ears, whilst the latter has a round-shaped skull with cropped ears.

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How do differentiate between the appearance of a Boston Terrier Vs French bulldog ?

How do differentiate between the appearance of a Boston Terrier Vs French bulldog?

Both the French Bulldog and the Boston Terrier are little dogs, as you may have seen. Both breeds have white and black coloration, so there’s some apparent overlap. Keep an eye out for a few distinguishing characteristics between these breeds.

There’s a reason you can’t tell the difference between French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers. Even the most devoted dog enthusiasts are perplexed by these little creatures with comparable builds, colors, and attractiveness quotients. Here’s how you can tell the difference:

Boston TerrierFrench Bulldog
Ears are slightly pointedEars are bat-like upright
Skull is Round shapedSkull is flat with dome-shaped
Height: Taller Height: shorter
The coat is smooth and shortThe coat is very short and flat
Less likely to have a straight tailStraight tails are more likely.
Body: Lean buildBody: Short and strong


These two little dogs have smushy features, powerful jaws, black noses, and wide, beautiful eyes. However, a few significant distinctions might aid in distinguishing the two. 

French Bulldogs have robust features and a square head. A French Bulldog’s ears are usually rounder on top and pointed out. Most French Bulldogs will have wrinkles around their eyes and on their faces.

Boston Terriers have smaller, rounder heads with more delicate characteristics than other breeds. The ears of a Boston Terrier are pointy and angled slightly away from the dog’s head. Although this varies between different puppies, Boston Terriers are slightly less wrinkled than French Bulldogs.


The “tuxedo” coat pattern is practically common among Boston Terriers. Most Boston Terriers appear to be white dogs dressed in black or brown, earning the breed the moniker “little gentlemen.” Of course, some Boston Terriers’ coats only have little spots of color, while others have a black coat with a few white markings.

French Bulldogs have a variety of coat colors and markings. Most French Bulldogs will be one solid color, with gray or white splashes on their chests or around their feet. French Bulldogs can have the same brindle patterns as other bully breeds

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Boston Terrier Vs French Bulldog: Temperament Differences.

Boston Terrier Vs French Bulldog: Temperament Differences.
  • Both of the breeds are non-sporting and have been bred to be companions rather than working dogs. However, the dispositions of Boston Terriers and French Bulldogs are quite different, and this will almost certainly be the decisive factor in picking which dog is best for your family.
  • Boston Terriers and French Bulldogs are both extremely loving and social. These dogs like being stroked, engaged with, and followed around the home by their owners.
  • The attention-seeking French Bulldog enjoys copying their owner. Expect your Frenchie to want to watch your favorite TV shows, help you in the kitchen, and observe your daily routines.
  • Boston Terriers are curious canines who like finding new ways to occupy themselves. Your Boston Terrier will enjoy playing with you, taking walks with you, and enjoying one-on-one attention.


French Bulldog

  • 11-14 years of life expectancy
  • French Bulldogs are a breed of dog native to France.
  • Shedding is likely to be mild to moderate.
  • Extra attention to skin creases and eye care is required.
  • Respiratory problems and malformed airways are a risk.
  • Obesity should be prevented by requiring a minimum amount of daily activity.

Boston Terriers

  • 13-15 years of life expectancy
  • The Boston Terriers are a team from Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Short coats reduce shedding.
  • The breed is thought to be low-maintenance.
  • Cataracts, cherry eye, deafness, and heart murmurs are all possibilities.
  • Breathing problems and discomfort are common among people who are prone to them.

Which Dog Is Right for You: A Boston Terrier Vs French Bulldog?

Which Dog Is Right for You: A Boston Terrier Vs French Bulldog?

Both dogs make excellent pet companions for anyone who wants to discover all of their greatest qualities. Monkoodog added a few additional details to assist you in figuring out which dog is most suited to your lifestyle.

Consider a Boston terrier if:

  • You can provide a safe atmosphere with plenty of enrichment opportunities and independence and brilliance.
  • You are looking for an energetic canine buddy who is also good with children.
  • He- Dedicated to making sure he has someone to play with, exercise with, and hang out with for most of the day, every day, so he doesn’t get lonely. This dog’s favorite thing to do is spend time with his family.

Consider a French Bulldog if:

You may provide them with a patient mix of early socialization and instruction and the capacity to chuckle when they go off track.

You’re looking for the ideal cuddling apartment dog for yourself, or an aging loved one.

It’s not challenging to clean the drool off the furniture for you.

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