Lucknow: 80-Year-Old Woman Mauled by her Pet Dog

Lucknow 80-Year-Old Woman Mauled by her Pet Dog

Pets are generally treated as caring, harmless, and a member of our family but sometimes lack of training and unusual behavior makes them dangerous. A recent case might shock you about a pet dog hurting a woman. On July 12, an 82-year-old teacher was mauled to death by her pet dog in the Qaiserbagh area in Lucknow.

The Nagar Nigam team took away the pit bull breed pet dog two days after the incident. In a video on social media the owner of the pet dot, gym owner, Amit Tripathi has seen dropping the dog in the animal control van.

A brown short-haired dog with a cloth over his head can be seen carried by Amit in the Video. Sushila Tripathi the woman who was mauled by the pet dog was her mother of Amit.

The incident happened when Sushila Tripathi was walking her two pet dogs, a pitbull and a Labrador on the roof. The pit bull named brownie was living with the family for 3 years. 

The neighbors heard the dog barking and Sushila screaming for help when the incident happened. After hearing her cries the neighbor came for help but the door was locked from the inside. The maid who was working in the house went to the roof and found Suchila lying on the ground with injuries on her stomach, face, and hand. 

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After hearing the incident her son Amit reached home and rushed her to Balrampur hospital where she succumbed to injuries. 

“Her pet dog attacked one Sushila Tripathi, 82, of Bengali Tola locality. Her body was recovered and sent for post-mortem examination. We are coordinating with the officials of Lucknow Municipal Corporation regarding the incident,” said Yogesh Kumar, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Qaiserbagh, reported PTI.

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