Kolkata: Pet Dog Helps Family Catch Thief

Kolkata Pet Dog Helps Family catch Thief

Why a dog is an integral part of life is being proved by a Pet dog in Kolkata which helped to grab the Thief and received praise from people around the various social media sites.

On Saturday a family catched a thief with the help of its Dog and also recovered stolen goods in South Kolkata’s kali ghat area.

The incident took place at Jadu Bhattacharya Lane near Kalighat Fire Station, a few meters from Kolkata Chief Minister Mamta Bannerji’s residence.

Around 4 am on Friday a thief entered the house and broke the latch of the main gate, after stealing a few items he went to the kitchen to grab some food.

Realizing that someone is in the Kitchen area the women of the house raised an alarm. By hearing the sound the other members also woke up.

When one of the family members Prasenjit Chakraborty tried to catch him then the thief attacked him with a knife, Police Said.

The owner’s pet dog named Rocky pounded on the thief and bit him by holding his leg till the 5 members overpowered him. After that, they called the police and the officer arrested him.

“It’s definitely a brave job. Initial investigation has revealed that the thief, a vegetable seller of the area, was put up to the job by a neighbor of the family,” he said.

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