Viral: Stubborn Cat dragged by Pet Dog To Pose For Family Photograph

Pet Dog To Pose For Family Photograph

Animal lovers are going to like the cuteness and mischievousness that a pet dog is showing towards a cat who refused to be a part of the Photo Ceremony. The internet has got over lakh views of the event. 

Sometimes the animals do entertaining things that work as a stress buster and relaxing. And one such video is going viral on the internet which will make your day. 

The video seems as rejuvenating as a golden retriever dragged a kitchen to their family photograph. It will make you roll on the floor laughing hilariously. 

The video shows three golden retrievers getting ready and posing for a family photo and the kitten seems confusing not looking at the camera. So, the dog grabs the cat by the 

neckband and convinces him to pose for the photoshoot. However, the stubborn kitten still doesn’t focus on the camera. 

Once again trying to coerce her the dog grabs the cat and places its paw on her to get a perfect photo. The video was uploaded by an unknown source on Youtube in 2020 but it’s going viral now getting almost a lakh views so far. 

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There were several comments where people put their views on the post. One user wrote, “Lol that dog reminds me of my dad you will be in this picture and you will be happy! Now, do you understand me?!”. 

Another comment was from a user stating I love how the dog smiles at the camera after bringing the cat over. “Did I do good?”

One more wrote that the Cat is like “I won’t signup for the photo. I am sure that by reading the article you won’t control yourself by watching the video and sharing your comment on the post.

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