Fascinating and Amazing Facts About Dogs’ Tongue That Dog Lovers Must Know

Dog Tongue

Dogs are considered the most loyal companions, so you must know every amazing fact about dogs. The Dog tongue is an important part of the body and carries out multiple functions such as eating food, drinking water, licking, swallowing, fetching, holding, and also helping in maintaining their body temperature. With their tongue, they express their emotions and communicate with humans.

The tongue is used in almost all of the activities that dogs perform. In this blog, you will read facts about Dog tongues.

What are the 7 Most Interesting Dog Tongue Facts?

1. To control their body temperature,
To control their body temperature

Humans maintain their body temperature through sweating, but dogs do not sweat through their normal skin.

Dogs stick out their tongues and start panting to regulate their body temperature.

When dogs pant, heat comes out of their tongues and lungs, evaporating the moisture and making them cool.

This process is known as thermoregulation, which brings down the body temperature.

2. A Dog’s Tongue Has an Impact on the Sound of His Bark:
A Dog Tongue Has an Impact on the Sound of His Bark

The human tongue has a great impact on the way they speak; similarly, the dog’s tongue has an impact on the sound of his bark.

According to the research, the shape and size of the dog’s tongue influence the tone of his bark.

Through their tongue, you can analyze the health of the dog.

If your dog constantly puts his tongue out, then this shows that your dog has some kind of dental infection.

3. Through Licking, Dogs Express Themselves:
Through Licking, Dogs Express Themselves | Dog Tongue

Licking is a way through which dogs express themselves.

This is the natural behavior of a dog, but sometimes it might be annoying.

If your dog is licking itself excessively, it might be a sign that he is stressed or something is irking him.

In this situation, it is advised that you immediately take him to their veterinarian.

4. While grooming, dogs lick themselves:
While grooming, dogs lick themselves | Dog Tongue

Usually, dogs lick their skin and fur for grooming.

They lick their paws to clean the dirt in case they step on something.

If you notice your dog is constantly licking to groom himself, you should assist him.

Keep in mind that moderate licking is the normal behavior of a dog, but in the case of excessive licking, you should consult the vet.

5. Dog’s Saliva Reduces the Chances of Infection:
Dog's Saliva Reduces the Chances of Infection

Dogs use their tongues to wash their wounds and remove dirt and debris.

The saliva, which is present on the dog’s tongue, contains compounds that decrease the chance of infection and destroy bacteria.

6. Some Dogs Have Long Tongues
Some Dogs Have Long Tongues

There are some breeds of dogs that have long tongues according to their mouths.

This breed of dog frequently has difficulty eating food and makes a lot of mess in the water bowl.

Sometimes, they accidentally bite their tongues while playing with toys.

If your dog has a particularly long tongue, you should keep an eye on it to keep it safe from harm or injury.

7. The Dog’s Tongue Acts As A Ladle:
The Dog Tongue Acts As A Ladle

The dog’s tongue is similar to a ladle, which helps them drink water.

That is why dogs are the messiest drinkers because they curl their tongues while drinking water.

If the dog’s tongue is long, then they create more mess.


Hence, dogs’ tongues not only help them to eat and taste food and drink water but also help in showing affection to their owner.

The interesting fact about Dog Tongue is that it helps the dog’s owner to know about the dog’s health.

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