Bernedoodle: The Hybrid Teddy Dog

What Is The Price Of A Bernedoodle Puppy? Are They Pricey?

As bernedoodle or mini bernedoodle are a mixed breed of two amazing but expensive breeds, they remain on the pricier side of the market. Depending upon various factors mentioned below, a puppy for sale can range from 60,000 to 3,00,000 (800$ to 4000$).

What Affects Bernedoodle Prices?

1. Size and Color 2. Type of Generation 3. Coat

Let’s Learn More About Bernedoodle, Mini Bernedoodle.

If you ask a Bernedoodle owner about their dog’s disposition, you’ll likely hear a range of answers. That’s because each Bernedoodle is unique, just like every person. They take a lot of their characteristics from their parents’ personalities, upbringing, and training. But when it comes to Bernedoodle, Mini Bernedoodles, there are recurring motifs.


The soft teddy bears of the dog family are the little Bernedoodles. These sweet tiny dogs seem content and eager for cuddles and affection. Like any mixed-breed dog, they exhibit a magnificent fusion of characteristics and appearances from the two breeds that make up the Mini Bernedoodle mix. They have a strong, proportionate frame, and their disposition is cool and joyful.