5 Top Secret Tricks to make Road Trip with Dogs Incredible

Road Trip with Dogs

Do you think taking your Dogs on a Long Road trip is fun, or it may stress your dog to concerning levels? 

I would say hanging out with your dog is one of the most beautiful and fantastic moments in life; it reduces your stress and anxiety by 40%, and it’s proven! 

Gowtham Kumar’s story is no different; along with his pet dog ‘Chadramouli’, he undertook a road trip throughout Karnataka and visited many iconic tourist destinations and spots on his bike! 

He says that the idea of a road trip with his dog came to him when he decided to combine his love and passion for travel and pet dogs. Having a pet means stepping into parenthood, which will bring many responsibilities in life and compromises…

Compromises he wasn’t ready to make; hence he did not want to let go of his travel dreams, simultaneously not wanting his dog best friend to miss out on all the fun! 

He attached a comfortable dog carrier to his bike and gave a few rounds of testing, thus completing the first-ever trip on his motorcycle with his dog. 

But what made the trip so successful and comfortable? 

Wanna know a secret? 

You need to undertake specific tips and tricks before driving off with your dog on the roads. 

Don’t worry; it’s not some government or traffic police implemented rules upon you. 

You are not bound to follow these tips and tricks, but all I am saying is, It will make your Road trip with dogs extremely incredible! 

During the trip, dogs can get restless and behave in ways that aren’t safe for them, like hanging out of the window or jumping on your lap while driving, causing an accident. 

I don’t think you want that to happen, right? 

Chill out! I will share all the Top-secret tricks and tips vital for your road trip with your canine. 

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Let’s get started, Shall we? Fasten your seat belts, and Let’s go! 

1. Get your Dog comfortable with Car and Bike Rides. 

Get your Dog comfortable with Car and Bike Rides. 

Dogs can ride calmly in your vehicle only when they are taught to ride since they’re young. 

From four to twelve years of age, canines go through the socialization period in their lives that is crucial for gaining new experiences, learning, and adapting to new and different environments. 

To start your puppy ride training, ask a friend for your help, and request them to drive around while you sit on the next seat, holding your puppy and keeping it calm. 

Give your puppy treats and other positive reinforcements after a successful ride to indicate praise for their experience. 

Once your pup is comfortable with a ride of 5 minutes, Try 10 minutes. You get it, right? 

2. Check in about their health conditions with your VET. 

Check in about their health conditions with your VET. 

Firstly, You need to understand if your pet is healthy enough for a long journey or not. Hence a VET checkup is necessary before taking your dog for a long ride. 

If your dog already has a health issue, ask the VET how travel will affect them and ensure the vaccines are up to date. 

3. Provide Food and Water 

Provide Food and Water - Road Trip with Dogs

Food and Water for your pet are the most critical factors in a road trip, Don’t ever forget to take it for your pet. It helps to keep the timings of their energy spikes and dehydration levels in check and predictable as much as possible. 

The simple trick is to freeze the meals in an individual serving baggie before you leave and pack those meals in a portable fridge freezer. 

You can always restock the food and water at the grocery stores on the way since you are feeding them human and consumable food. 

There are various water spill-proof water bowls on the market; try buying them for your ride. 

Always provide fresh water to your dog because they might get dehydrated pretty quickly, and you don’t want that to happen. 

A couple of reusable jugs are the easiest and cheapest way for you to carry water for your dogs. 

4. Frequent Bathroom Breaks for your Dog (And yourself, too :P) 

Frequent Bathroom Breaks for your Dog (And yourself, too :P) 

Your dog may need bathroom breaks during a long road trip; It’s obvious to you, isn’t it? Dogs need a break to pee every hour. An older dog might easily be comfortable for 4 hours without a bathroom break. 

As a dog owner, you are more likely to know a pattern of rough frequencies your dog needs for pee breaks. 

Remember that your dog will tend to take bathroom breaks more than usual during long road trips and unfamiliar environments, so make sure you take a break and halt your vehicle for them every hour. 

Monitor the signs such as excessive panting, pacing, or whining that may indicate a break or need for them to visit the nearby bush. 

5. Stay Safe at Gas Stations 

Stay Safe at Gas Stations

A long road trip with dogs is fun but filling up your tank is equally essential for staying that way. But usually, Gas stations are high-traffic areas. 

It is a place that hundreds or even thousands of people visit during the day. Unfortunately for everyone, gasoline, oil, petrol, and other harmful and poisonous chemicals but sometimes tasty for dogs are spilled on the floor. 

So you need to keep an eye out for that stuff and keep your dog’s paw and tongue away from it or wait till you’ve finished filling petrol up and move your car to a safer place. 

To avoid this altogether, Bring a leash along with you and tie your dog up near a shady spot with a bowl of water to drink. 


Conclusion of Road Trip with Dogs

The best way to travel with dogs is simply to camp; by driving down dirt roads or visiting other types of public land, you may find a pretty good place to spend the night along with your little fellow. 

But at the end of the day, No matter where you’re going, it is always wise to follow the government’s road and COVID-19 safety guidelines. The most required things for your dog to pack are 

  1. Vaccination records 
  2. Toys
  3. Food & Water 
  4. Your dog’s favorite blanket 
  5. Poo Bags 
  6. A first Aid Kit (Something to remove ticks) 
  7. An old towel to clean up the seats and muddy feet
  8. A Dog Leash 

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